Pissed off that her favorite team left St. Louis for Los Angeles, a Rams fan named Kelly Manno has taken an immature but satisfying route by gifting the team's owner Stan Kroenke with a $250 pile of animal shit. The move comes after her radio show/podcast campaign ignited last week when the move seemed all but assured. The mound of mixed animal dung is "the biggest order anyone's sent or received on this planet" according to a representative of I Poop You (a company that can meet all your delivering feces needs).

Even though I'm pretty sure you've seen shit before, there was a picture taken of it so you know what exactly Stan Kroenke's (or more likely an intern/secretary) had to see and smell. I'll do the decent thing by putting some spaces so you can choose to avoid scrolling down to see it because, believe it or not, shit is even more disgusting when it's in tupperware and looks like something you can easily scarf down when jonesing for a late night snack:












[via Huffington Post]

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