How was your weekend? Uneventful? We wish we could say the same for Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Football—who appears to be actively trying to force the Browns to cut him—was spotted inside of Clutch in Dallas, Texas yesterday during the AFC Championship Game. The owner of the sports bar posted the photo you see above on Instagram. And Twitter user @THEnolanhenly posted this short clip that shows Manziel hanging out:

The fact that he’s inside of a bar isn’t really the end of the world—it’s unrealistic to think that a 23-year-old kid is going to sit inside of the house all day—but Manziel appeared to be enjoying himself during the game in this video posted by Terez Owens:

And that may have been because he was drinking, according to this photo obtained by Busted Coverage:

This is the exact kind of thing he got into trouble for doing at the end of last year, seeing as how he spent time in a rehab facility at the beginning of 2015. The Browns benched him after he was spotted rapping along to a Future song and swinging a bottle of champagne around during their bye week. So we imagine these latest photos and videos won’t sit well with the team.

Oh, and that’s not the only news swirling around Manziel right now, either. According to TMZ Sports, he may have also broken up with his longtime girlfriend Colleen Crowley. The two reportedly scrubbed their Instagram accounts of all photos of each other, which would likely indicate that things are over between them.

We should point out that it does look like Crowley was in Dallas yesterday at the grand opening of a spa called It’s a Secret Med Spa:

It appears to be a spa owned by the same person who owns Clutch. The guy who posted the photo of Manziel above also posted this yesterday:

So maybe we’re all just reading too deeply into Manziel and Crowley’s social media scrubbings? Or maybe Manziel is just trying to add some twists and turns into this never-ending soap opera that we didn’t see coming. Either way, this is such a mess, and we can’t imagine how the Browns are going to continue to keep Johnny Football on their roster for much longer.

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