If you live in the New York City area and you’re a fan of sports, then you no doubt know who Mike Francesa is. He’s been the host of the biggest sports talk radio show in NYC for more than 20 years now and, even though he’s reportedly going to call it quits next year, he still gets excellent ratings for WFAN.

Howard Stern was apparently not aware of this today when he played a segment featuring one of his prank callers calling into Francesa’s show recently. Just listen to how surprised he sounded when was told about how big of a deal Francesa is:

“Does anyone listen to that show? Is it a popular show?” he asked, before being told that Francesa is No. 1 in the area. “No. 1? Wow. How do you like that?”

Stern is admittedly not the biggest sports fan. But he is a big radio guy, so how did he not know that?

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[via The Big Lead]