It’s not a secret that Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya don’t exactly get along. The two bickered often during their respective careers and, in recent months in particular, they’ve been engaged in a pretty vicious war of words. De La Hoya wrote an open letter to Mayweather in Playboy in November and ripped him for being a boring fighter, and Mayweather responded by saying, “Everything I do goes viral,” and blaming De La Hoya’s comments on “drugs” and “jealousy.”

But after Mayweather attended the Danny Garcia/Robert Guerrero fight on Saturday night (and talked trash to Amir Khan in the process), he did an interview with Fight Hype. And during it, Mayweather took a low blow—an extremely low blow—on his former rival by randomly referencing the time De La Hoya took a photo while dressed in drag.

“It’s good to work with guys like Richard Schaefer and Al Haymon, guys that's drug free, guys that wear suits, guys that dress like men,” he said. “Of course, you know I’m sending shots at Oscar De La Hoya. I’m always sending shots at him because I don’t respect a man that dress in drag.”

Whoa. Where did that come from? Mayweather proooobably shouldn't have gone there.

You can see what else he had to say about De La Hoya in the clip above. Mayweather also spoke with Fight Hype about Conor McGregor, Dana White, Kobe Bryant, Manny Pacquiao, and more tonight (for whatever reason, he seemed to be in an even more talkative mood than usual). Go here to see the rest of his interviews.

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