In a lengthy think-piece reflecting on the furore that cricketer Chris Gayle recently stirred up after his questional responses to sideline reporter Mel McLaughlin, The Guardian Australia's deputy sport editor Russell Jackson has revealed some particularly untoward behaviour from one member of the media that he's refusing to name. 

“On the third morning of the Test and for the entire day thereafter, an accredited member of the media sitting in front of me tapping away at his company laptop, but tabbing between his match report and a constant stream of hardcore pornography,” Jackson wrote on Wednesday.

Jackson mentioned that the reporter only stopped after he was spoken to by an MCG official after the second day of publically broadcasting his unsavoury viewing habits.

"The thing that initially staggered me was the sheer audacity of it, that the presence of both female and male colleagues, who were sitting metres away with clear views of his screen, hadn't been enough to deter him and that he felt perfectly comfortable doing it in full view," Jackson added.

Just when you thought coverage of the Gayle incident is on the verge of dying down, and the responses indicate misogynistic attitudes in sport might be on their way out too, it seems some members of the media just won't let go of it – perhaps very much literally.


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