Child support is a really hot topic in the sports world this week. Andre Iguodala’s ex-girlfriend Clayanna Warthen took him to court on Monday to ask a judge to up his monthly child support to $58,000 (it’s currently set at $18,000 per month) and, ever since then, people have been debating whether or not she needs that much money to raise the couple’s daughter London.

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie weighed in on the child support discussion earlier today. Cromartie is the father of 10 kids (he infamously forgot some of their names during an episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks) by eight different women. So he likely spends a considerable amount of every paycheck on child support. And with that in mind, he posted the headline from this story on Instagram this afternoon and insinuated that he wouldn’t mind knowing how all of his child support money is being spent:

Some quick research on the “child support card” that’s featured in Cromartie’s IG photo indicates that the card doesn’t actually do what he thinks it does. It seems like it’s essentially just a card that can be used like any other prepaid debit card once it’s loaded with child support payments. But we all got his point.

Coincidentially, Jalen Rose also touched on Cromartie’s child support situation on the latest Jalen & Jacoby podcast. And in doing so, he pointed out the issue that many pro athletes run into with regards to child support.

“I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t miss games in his decade-plus of playing NFL football,” Rose said of Cromartie. “You know why? Probably can’t afford to.”

Unfortunately, he's (probably) not wrong. You can check out the podcast, which features Rose dropping some other gems about child support, here.

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