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It seems that the North Carolina Tarheels are down on their luck as they reach the top of the polls. Last month, they came into the season as the No. 1-ranked, they got beat by unranked Northern Iowa. And they took a nosedive after that game down to No. 9 in the country the week after. Now that they are nipping back towards the top at No. 3, they dropped yet another game in a nail-biting finish versus the unranked Texas Longhorns tonight.  

The game was tied at 82-82 in the final seconds, and Texas guard Javan Felix hit a fifteen-footer, barely getting the shot off at the buzzer. You can watch the replay above and judge yourself. 

Also, be aware of the clip in the back by Connor Lammert (21) under the hoop that sent UNC's Marcus Paige to the hardwood— a missed foul by the referee which made it possible for Felix to get the shot off, disallowing Paige the chance to hedge or close out towards Felix to contest him. 

Consider it a consequential "home no-call," and a W for the Longhorns. Final score was 84-82. Leave a comment with your take on the final play.


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