The 2015-2016 college basketball season is in full swing. So start the year, we get to see who's worth their ranking in the top-25 preseason polls versus those who are overrated. 

UNC had some pressure to prove that they were the preseason number one-team in the nation with a great recruiting class, and many returning players from last season.  Are they better than their rival and defending national champion Duke

Not today. The Heels played Northern Iowa on Saturday, and things were looking up to speed as they were killing them. But in the second half, UNC blew a 16-point lead versus the giant killer with just 17 minutes to play.

And Northern Iowa was no way near the top 25 poll going into this game. 

The final score was 71-67. UNC head coach Roy Williams explained the collapse of the hyped-up Heels, "Very disappointed in me, more so than my team." Williams continued, "We acted like a team that had not been coached very well out there. Made a lot of mistakes."

Kentucky will likely be move into the number one-spot this Monday since they are still undefeated, and beat Duke earlier this week. 

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