If you were walking through an airport in Seattle and you saw Waka Flocka walking allllllllllllll the way on the other side of it, we might give you a pass for confusing him with Richard Sherman. They're both tall, and they both have dreads that fall to almost the same exact place. So confusing them from a distance—a long, long, LONG distance—would be somewhat understandable.

But um…really? You guys got this close to Waka and couldn’t tell that he wasn’t Sherman?

We could state the obvious here like some people on social media are doing:

But outside of that, aren’t all of the people in the photo above from Seattle? So shouldn’t one of them know Sherman’s face when they see it? Fortunately, the guy who posted the photo on Facebook has changed his caption:

But still: FAIL.

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[via Black Sports Online]