The Mavericks are trying to prepare themselves to play against the Warriors tomorrow night, and their strategy seems to be pretty clear: “BE AS NICE AS POSSIBLE TO STEPH CURRY AND HOPE HE DOESN’T TORCH US FOR 50!”

Seriously, just take a look at some of the things Dallas players have said about Curry today, courtesy of Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Dwain Price:

Wow. Yeah. Kill him with kindness, guys!

But the highest praise of all came from Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle. He was asked how to stop Curry, and he responded by comparing him to—gasp—Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. In his mind, Curry is creating a new blueprint for the way basketball will be played for years to come, just like those guys changed the game as far as technology is concerned.

“You’re talking a guy that, it’s a little bit like what Steve Jobs has done to our every day life,” Carlisle said. “He’s changed the way we live. He and Bill Gates have done that. Steph Curry is changing the way the game will be played in the future.”

That is admittedly a pretty lofty comparison. Curry is doing some amazing things right now, but…Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? You buying that—or is Carlisle just going overboard with the compliments?

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[via NBC Sports]