Last Friday night, Knicks forward Derrick Williams hit a club in New York City following his team’s win against the 76ers. According to reports, he stayed out until about 5 the next morning, took two women home with him, and then woke up to find that about $750,000 worth of jewelry was missing from his apartment. An Audemars Piguet watch worth upwards of $145,000, four Rolexes, and a diamond chain with a Hennessy logo on it (!!!) were among the items missing. Williams blamed the two women for the theft and filed a police report.

Police still haven’t been able to track down the missing jewelry, but it looks like they’re getting closer to doing it. They just released a surveillance video that features the two women Williams reportedly went home with that night, and it shouldn’t be long before they’re able to track them down. Assuming these are the women who robbed Williams, did they not think the club would have surveillance video of them?

Stay tuned for further details.

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