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If you're a 76ers fan you'd probably like to see them stop tanking and start being competitive again at some point before you die. Who knows if that'll happen, but their hiring of Jerry Colangelo as the chairman of basketball operations earlier this week makes it at least seem like a possibility.

Now, just five days after adding Colangelo, they're reportedly in discussions of bringing former NBA Coach of the Year Mike D'Antoni into the organization as associate head coach. Whether or not you think this would make D'Antoni the soon-to-be head coach of the team (which would, on the surface, sound plausible) is complicated by the fact that they signed their current coach, Brett Brown, to a two-year extension yesterday.

Still it never hurts to add a solid mind to the staff. D'Antoni reportedly could join the Sixers before the end of December. He last coached the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2013-14 season. They went 27-55 that year.

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