A new video of Johnny Manziel enjoying a beverage and rapping along to Future surfaced earlier this week and it appears that this time around it won't get the enigmatic Browns quarterback in trouble. 

You might remember that Manziel was essentially suspended by the team after he was caught on video partying at a nightclub in Texas—and rapping along to Future—during the Browns bye week in November. Coach Mike Pettine sat down Manziel for a couple of games but eventually returned to the starting gig. Lucky for Johnny Football, the new video of him having a good time around Christmas will not bring the wrath of the organization as he appears to not have broken the trust of the team.

The most interesting part of that tweet is the whole concussion thing because news of Johnny Football suffering a head injury just popped up around Cleveland over the last few days. According to the Plain Dealer, Manziel came to the Browns practice facility Wednesday complaining of concussion like symptoms. The team promptly put him in the protocol and diagnosed him with a concussion and Pettine hinted that Manziel will likely be ruled out for Sunday's finale against the Steelers. 

"Sometimes guys don't feel great after and then think it will go away and then when it doesn't they certainly need to bring it up and again we'll take the very conservative approach with it.

"Talking to our medical people, you've got to be smart, look out for our players' best interest.''

Whether Manziel has played his final game for the Browns remains to be seen as the organization will once again have a high draft pick and will have to weigh whether it warrants taking another quarterback. In the eyes of Pettine, the Browns have enough to evaluate Manziel even though he only played in nine games.

"Yeah, I don't know what the total game count ended up or whether you count that Jets game as a full game,'' said Pettine. "He played most of it, three quarters of it. So it's a good chunk. It's a lot of film to go back and evaluate.''

[h/t Big Lead]

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