Update #2:

Tony Romo is reportedly out for the year:


According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, a source close to the situation has stated that it's "most likely" a small fracture in Romo's left collarbone. Romo himself stated that it felt similar to the injury that he suffered in week two, which caused him to miss seven games. He will have a CT scan Friday after today's X-Rays proved inconclusive.

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Even if you exploded your kitchen deep frying a frozen turkey, you're still probably not having a worse Thanksgiving than Tony Romo. He tossed two touchdowns to the wrong team in the first-half, and later exited the game cradling his left shoulder (the same area where he fractured his clavicle earlier in the season). If you're an optimist he'll somehow escape a season-ending injury. If you're a pessimist he won't. If you're a Cowboys fan who's had to suffer through this wretched season, we know which category you're probably in.

We'll be sure to update when we find out what's wrong. But, obviously, he's out for the game.

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