Wait a second, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin didn’t really drink the beers that he cracked open in the ring? Whaaaaaaat?!

That was the reaction we had yesterday to Goldberg accusing Stone Cold of not actually drinking the beers that he routinely brought into the ring with him during his WWE days. In the video above, you can see Stone Cold and Goldberg celebrating with a couple of cold ones. So why would Goldberg say this?

Fortunately, Stone Cold didn’t let Goldberg get away with it. Just one day after TMZ Sports got Goldberg’s take, they asked Stone Cold for his side of the story. And Stone Cold said Goldberg is “full of shit” because, while didn’t all of the beers he opened, he did drink most of them:

“About 50 percent of that beer went in,” he said, “about 50 percent of it went on. That’s the showbiz part of it. There have been many times I left the ring and had a pretty good buzz. And if you go back and see Bill again, ask him because Bill is not a drinker. And so, I got him drunk in the ring a few times.”

Whew. That was a close call. Thanks for setting the record straight, Stone Cold. CHEERS!


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