Is LeBron James the most meme’d athlete on the planet? If not, he has to be close to it. Just take a look at all of the LeBron memes that are out there (including more than a few that focus on his hair). There are so many of them.

Apparently, LeBron isn’t oblivious to the fact that there are a lot of LeBron memes out there, either. Last night, he even posted one of the most recent ones that features a photo of him speaking with reporters after practice last week. Someone stuck a couple of cigarettes onto LeBron’s photo and turned him into an auto mechanic, and it looks like LeBron loved it (minus the smoking part, of course):

It’s nice to see that LeBron has a sense of humor about this. But then again, when you have as many memes as he does, you kind of have to just laugh them off, don’t you?

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