For whatever reason, LeBron James has really struggled from the free-throw line so far this season. Throughout his career, he has shot at least 70 percent from the charity stripe in all but one season, and he has made 74.4 percent of the free throws he has taken. But this season, he’s shooting just 55.6 percent.

He’s trying to change that. It doesn’t look like he’s attempting to do it by hiring a shooting coach or doing any fancy drills, though. Instead, he’s putting in work and shooting free throw after free throw after free throw outside of his house in the middle of the night. He posted the Instagram video above at around 1 a.m. today to prove it.

And just in case all that extra practice doesn’t work, don’t worry, Cavaliers fans! It appears as though there are plenty of IG users who have answers for LeBron’s problem:

Thanks, guys! But uh, we think LeBron will be good to go.

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