Kobe Bryant is clearly not the player he used to be. If you saw what he did during the Lakers game against the Nuggets last night, then you already know that. But just in case you need to hear someone else say it, Kenny “The Jet” Smith spoke with TMZ Sports and told them that the old Kobe is never coming back.

“He looks like just a regular guy out there,” Smith said. “We hate to see that.”

Not to worry, though. Smith still thinks Kobe could make some noise this season…by becoming a TNT analyst. Towards the end of his interview with TMZ Sports, he offered Kobe a seat on the TNT set.

“We got a seat for you, Kobe, on TNT,” he said, “and it’ll be ready in April ‘cause y’all won’t make the playoffs.”

Damn, Kobe. But hey, at least you’ve got options, right?

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[via TMZ Sports]