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Does asking a police officer “Don’t you know who I am?” during an arrest ever work? It must, right? Enough celebrities have tried to use it in the past, so there have to be a few who have gotten off as a result of it.

It didn’t work for Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett, though. When he was pulled over back on Halloween after he tried to avoid a DUI checkpoint, he was quick to tell one of the officers who pulled him over, “I’m the quarterback of Ohio State.” Later, he asked, “Officer, there’s nothing you can do?” as one of the cops handcuffed him and placed him into the back of a car. The officer then told him that his goal was “not to take” Barrett to jail, which he was able to avoid after Barrett’s teammate Cardale Jones came and picked him up. But Barrett was still hit with a misdemeanor operating a motor vehicle while impaired charge and suspended by OSU for a game.

You can watch the full police dash cam video above. Barrett eventually pleaded guilty to the OVI charge and had his license suspended for 180 days.

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