So there’s a really bizarre twist to this story. As it turns out, the video above does not feature a Cowboys fan punching an Eagles fan. Instead, it features an Eagles fan punching an Eagles fan. And to make matters even worse, the two fans are actually brothers.

According to TMZ Sports, Jorge Castillo punched his brother Ignacio Castillo at the Eagles/Cowboys game and sent him to the hospital. Jorge was arrested for misdemeanor assault with bodily injury. Ignacio is going to be charged with felony assault on an officer for allegedly spitting blood on a cop. And a third Castillo brother named Jose has also been charged with simple assault with provocative contact and failure to obey a police officer.

Wow. If there are any other weird details about this story, we'll be sure to let you know!

See original story below.

Let’s say you were about to get into a fight at an NFL game when you noticed a group of security guards walking towards you. Would you:

A) Resist the urge to fight because you don’t want to get arrested
B) Wait for the security guards to leave and then fight
C) Say “F*ck it!” and fight anyway, even though it almost certainly means you’ll end up behind bars

The brilliant Cowboys fan in the clip above decided to go with choice…C?!

That’s right. Even though you can clearly see security guards making their way down to where the Cowboys fan was arguing with an Eagles fan at AT&T Stadium at the beginning of the video, the fan decided that nothing was going to stop him from punching the Philly fan in the face. So he did it and was then forced to deal with the consequences of doing it immediately.

Good going, man! We hope that punch was worth whatever charge you’re being faced with this morning.

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