In a league that's constantly getting hit by ugly revelationsCam Newton is one of the biggest untainted superheroes young fans have. He does that signature Superman touchdown celebration. The dude also dunks touchdowns. He's the hero these young ones need.

VIDEO: Cam Newton dives in for the touchdown.

— MarcusD (@_MarcusD_) November 8, 2015

And Julius Peppers, the Packers' outside linebacker and Newton's former teammate, is a jerk. Newton wanted to give a touchdown ball to a young fan and asked Peppers for that ball in what looked like a pretty chill way. Peppers, however, was not chill.

Well #JuliusPeppers lost my respect today by tossing that ball away from @CameronNewton #NoClass It was for a kid!

— Daniel Shady Sykes (@SwordOwnerShady) November 8, 2015

The villain didn't win this time, though. Newton got that ball, and the kid got that present (and the Packers are still getting spanked by the Panthers).

Cam Newton wanted to keep his touchdown ball. Julius Peppers did NOT like that. #GBvsCAR

— NFL (@NFL) November 8, 2015

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