If there was one general takeaway from Moneyball it's that it must suck to be an Oakland A's fan, watching your franchise constantly trade players to cycle in new prospects who will, in-turn, be traded if they turn out to be any good. This year's AL MVP, Josh Donaldson, had several years of team control left for Oakland, but was still dealt in the offseason to the Toronto Blue Jays, where he put up staggering numbers (.297 batting average, 41 home runs, and a league leading 123 RBI) to give the last remaining Canadian team their first MVP since 1987 (George Bell). Donaldson finished with 23 first place votes out of a possible 30. The runner-up for this year's award was 2014's winner, Mike Trout, with Kansas City center fielder Lorenzo Cain coming in third.

In the National League the winner was a 23-year-old phenom you've possibly been reading about since he was a mere 16-year-old phenom, Bryce Harper. His team was supremely disappointing, but it was through no fault of his. He batted .330 with 42 home runs (leading the NL) and 99 RBI. He also topped the Senior Circuit in on-base percentage, slugging, OPS, OPS+, and got choked by his team's closer. Harper's selection as NL MVP was a unanimous one, beating out two prop finalists: Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt and Cincinnati's Joey Votto.

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