Looking for a new way to break a sweat outdoors? If you want to go beyond the everyday run, but not quite ready to sign up for a muddy obstacle course, there are plenty of middle-of-the-road options for you to try. Thanks to a boom in creative workout classes, runs, and races, there is no excuse to not try something new. 

Need some pro tips before you go? Take a friend, not because we think you need a buddy everywhere you go—having a workout partner makes you more likely to go in the first place and motivates you to go harder during class. For your first class, be prepared for the outdoor experience by bringing a water bottle, towel, sunglasses, and whatever else you use at the gym post-sweat. And finally, go with an open, positive attitude. Everything is worth one try. If it’s not the class for you, ask yourself what you felt was lacking and move on to a different class to find the best fit for you.