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Hey, guys, do you know what’s not a good idea? #AskENTERATHLETESNAMEHERE hashtags on Twitter. We get that different networks and companies want to engage with their followers. But uhhhh, when has one of those hashtags ever worked? People even found a way to ruin the #AskJeter hashtag!

Despite its terrible track record, the NFL Network decided to use an #AskJerryJones hashtag this morning to try and field some questions for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

You know, because there aren’t enough questions out there to ask him (like, “WHY IS GREG HARDY STILL ON YOUR TEAM?!”). And predictably, NFL fans responded with the kinds of questions that would make Jones, Roger Goodell, and everyone else associated with the NFL cringe.

Scroll down to see some of them, but be warned: People went in with this hashtag, and there is plenty of NSFW stuff in these tweets:

The only questions we have left are: Who gave this hashtag the green light and, more importantly, WHY?!

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[via Fox Sports]