Washington Capitals All-Star winger Alex Ovenchkin is already an NHL legend at age 30. This season is his year to make more marks in the record books. First, as of this past Tuesday, he surpassed the 900-point mark. Second, he's now just four goals shy of tying the record of the most goals amongst all Russian players in NHL history, held by his longtime friend/mentor/former teammate/fellow NHL legend Sergei Federov

Sure he has a charmed life having a model girlfriend Nastya Shubskaya, and being a multi-millionaire. But you would think that with all that money in the bank, Ovenchkin could at least afford a Halloween costume as Batman that's really dope— but nope! Dude looks like he got this off the rack in the clearance section at a Halloween costume store, or some cheap thrift shop with Macklemore as his inspiration.

Shubskaya looks like she could be worthy for a Catwoman casting call, and I'm no authority on garments for October 31st. But come on, bruh! Crooked ears that look like the '80s Domino's Pizza "Noid" character.

Image via Domino's Pizza

And those puffy shoulders that look like Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey playing Hans and Franz, a mask that looks like a black version of Jack Black's in Nacho Libre, and a whatever is on those shoes looking like a stack of black-burnt flapjacks (save for the adorable black lab puppy), I could go on and on, but I'll stop here.

Yet this Halloween party does look like it's about to get turnt up a bit tonight in that haunted house.



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