Vin Diesel’s daughter Hania Riley is only 7, but he’s already thinking about what’s going to happen when she starts dating. In fact, he’s been thinking about it pretty much every single day since the day she was born—and he’s working tirelessly to prepare her for it. And how is he doing it? Apparently, by having Ronda Rousey train her.

Diesel spoke with WENN recently and talked about how overprotective he is as a father. Additionally, he revealed that he’s brought Rousey into the mix to lend a hand.

“First of all,” he said, “I feel sorry for anyone that has to [date her]. I wouldn’t want that on my worst enemy because I’m just that kind of dad. I’ve been thinking about this since the day I cut the umbilical cord, and because of that, I made a decision early on that I was going to do everything in my power to empower her to handle it herself. Because of her ‘auntie’ Ronda Rousey, she is now an orange belt with stripes in Judo. I’m dealing with it early. I’m creating a beast, and I want her to be able to say no means no.”

Dealing with Vin Diesel—dad bod or not—is scary enough. But dealing with him and Ronda Rousey? Good luck to the first guy who tries to score a date with his daughter!

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