When he's not busy relentlessly toying with fans by heartlessly teasing sequels to Iron Giant and (to a much less important extent) xXx, Vin Diesel is a full-time dad. This status, of course, doesn't necessarily mean that Vin has adopted a full-on dad bod (something he vehemently denies), but it apparently does mean that he gets adorable text messages from his seven-year-old daughter.

"My seven-year-old daughter has an iPhone now," Diesel told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's Tonight Show. "She just texted me this, if I can read this to you: 'Hi, Daddy. I love you so much. I am so proud of you. I miss you so much and I believe in you that you will make an awesome movie.'" Though it's unclear when exactly Vin received these words of familial encouragement, they are admittedly a cynicism-proof display of adorability.

Though Vin is currently busy promoting The Last Witch Hunter, recent news of F. Gary Gray's directorial involvement in the forthcoming Furious 8 has speculative fans going wild in anticipation of the franchise's previously announced "final trilogy." As for that Iron Giant sequel? Please don't touch a classic, Vin.