Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith was sore after last night’s game against the Steelers. He took a really hard hit from Lawrence Timmons and Antwon Blake during the third quarter of the game and had to leave with a back injury.

“How do I feel?” he said to reporters during his post-game interview. “Probably for the first time in my career, I feel like I’m 36.”

For whatever reason, though, Smith wasn’t mad at Timmons and Blake for causing the soreness. Instead, he was pissed off at Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, who was Smith’s teammate on the Panthers a few years ago. Smith and Mitchell got into it early in the game, and Smith accused Mitchell of playing a role in his injury.

“I got speared in the back by an ex-teammate,” he said. “I kind of know his character, who he is. After he hit me, he said, ‘How do you like that?’”

As we mentioned, it wasn’t actually Mitchell who hit him and knocked him out of the game. But Smith was angry at Mitchell for something he either said or did last night—and he told reporters he’s already planning his revenge.

“The best thing I can do without threatening him and saying that I will assault him when I see him is I will say, ‘I look forward to playing him again,’” he said. “He’s on my lifetime hit list.”

You know what doesn’t sound like fun? Being on Steve Smith’s “lifetime hit list.” Good luck with that, man!

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