Although the series at London's Wembley Stadium is more recognized, the NFL's first international regular season game took place in Mexico City's Aztec Stadium. The 49ers and Cardinals were two of the NFL's most trash teams, but that didn't stop a regular season record of 103,467 fans from watching Arizona take the win.

The NFL is expected to return there next season. CBS Sports reports that the league's owners supported the idea of a 2016 Mexico game in a meeting held last week. They're reportedly so supportive that the question isn't "if" but "who."

“It's going to happen next year,” one high-ranking official said, according to CBS Sports, “we just don't know which teams it's going to be yet.”

The NFL is planning to take over the world. Germany was presented as a possible sight for an NFL game, and it looks like it's not off the table. The league has also been looking into bringing the 2017 Pro Bowl into Brazil—as if Brazil doesn't deserve better.

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