This looks like something that'd be fun for a half or, maybe, a full game, and then entirely obnoxious for the rest of your season/career. But YouTube user GamingWithOva created a goliath that NBA 2K16's virtual courts clearly weren't equipped for, and showed us what life would be like in the league for four Manute Bol's stacked on top of one another (who also have T-Rex arms.) 

Predictably the game's engine/arm lengths also go bonkers when you create a player who'd barely come up to Muggsy Bogues' ankles (or possibly his waist)...:

...though dude still pulls down more than 15 boards per game, and dunks in a way that'd make you forget all about Spud Webb.

If nothing else they prove that height is just a number. Or, more accurately, that GamingWithOva has simply done everything there is to do in the 2K series.

[via GamingWithOva]

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