Are there any NBA head coaches out there that Matt Barnes does like right now?

As you’d probably guess, he’s still not a huge fan of his former friend Derek Fisher, who he attacked earlier this month after he discovered that Fisher was at his former home with his ex-wife Gloria Govan. He has steadfastly refused to speak about the incident further than he did after it happened, but…yeah. That relationship is probably ruined.

As it turns out, though, Barnes also isn’t a big fan of his former Clippers head coach Doc Rivers. Barnes just did an interview with and, in it, he revealed that he and Rivers never got along.

“Doc never wanted me,” he said. “He couldn’t wait to get rid of me. Doc and I never saw eye to eye. He tried to get me out of there the second he got there, so it wasn’t surprising to me what happened when things went south…I was the first trade of the summer. Like I said, he couldn’t wait.”

Barnes hasn’t been shy about bashing his former coaches in the past. He called Mo Cheeks a “dick” during an interview with Sports Illustrated last season. But is there anyone who plays with a bigger chip on their shoulder?! He’s going to add a lot to the Grizzlies this season.

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[via Eye on Basketball]