Maryland coach Randy Edsall will reportedly not return to the Terrapins' sideline next season. The only question(s) now are how, and when, he'll leave. Many signs point to it being after this weekend when his team gets crushed loses a confusingly close game to No. 1 by default Ohio State.

However it does go down, it must be nerve wracking. Or at least it would be to many of us. Edsall, however, doesn't appear to be stressing, using words of wisdom from Wiz Khalifa to address the elephant in the room:

In case you're wondering what his contract situation is, Edsall signed an extension last year that was set to give him a raise, up to $2.5 million annually, from 2017-2019. However, if he got fired before then he'd only receive one payment of $500,000. He'll still get paid for the rest of this year and next, but still, that tweet seems like a pretty chill reaction for a guy who's reportedly about to lose $7 million.

Guess he's really taking that quote to heart.

[via Twitter]

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