Floyd Mayweather has more cars than he can count, and he’s constantly updating his collection. So chances are, he won’t even flinch at the thought of losing four of them.

But according to TMZ Sports, four of Mayweather’s luxury cars—including two Roll-Royces, one Bentley, and one custom Jeep—burned up in a bad trailer fire in Phoenix, Ariz. very early Wednesday morning. The cars were reportedly being transported from Las Vegas to Miami when the trailer that was carrying the cars went up in flames. It’s unclear what started the fire, but Arizona State Troopers have confirmed that the fire did take place and that there were no injuries during it.

TMZ Sports has video of the trailer burning, which you can watch here. So far, no comment from Floyd. But we’d guess he’ll throw up a photo of four new cars on Instagram anyyyyyyy minute now.

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