Over the last two decades, Floyd Mayweather has bought more than 100 cars from a Las Vegas dealership called Towbin Motorcars. So recently, USA Today caught up with the dealership's owners Josh "Chop" Towbin and Jessica Towbin-Mansour to discuss his purchases.

The Towbins revealed that Mayweather is known to call them in the middle of the night to go car shopping and that he always pays in cash. And Jessica also said that Mayweather has actually spent so much money at Towbin that they once had to invest in a better cash-counting machine specifically for Floyd.

"The one we had, it was just not that great," she said, "so we spent a little bit more money and got the best one, and it's really for him."

Sigh. Just when we thought Money Mayweather couldn't make us feel any broker.

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[via KHOU]