The Detroit Lions got off the schnide today, defeating the Chicago Bears in overtime for their first win of the season today at Ford Field. But everything wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, as Lions superfan Earl Spring claimed that he was ejected from the 125th home game he's attended for, as he puts it, "standing up and freaking cheering on defense" during the third quarter.

So, naturally, Spring, wearing enormous sparkling shades and a lion's head as a hat to go with the tattoo of the Lions logo and his section in the stadium on his left forearm, filmed a video to voice his displeasure.

"This is how I get take care of, WHILE WE'RE 0-5?" Spring shrieks as his buddy, "Detroit Don," looks on creepily beside him. "You peace of shit. I'm out."

Well said, Earl. Well said.

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