DeMarcus Cousins probably won’t be in the running for the NBA MVP award this season, which is something that is a goal of his, because, well, SacramentoBut if nothing else, Cousins will likely lead the league in subtweeting.

Earlier this year, Cousins sent out one of the best subtweets we’ve ever seen when he seemingly called out his head coach George Karl on Twitter using little more than three emojis. And last night, Cousins seemed to get his subtweet on again after the Cavaliers agreed to a new five-year, $82 million deal with Tristan Thompson. After hearing about the news, Cousins—who signed a four-year, $62 million extension with the Kings in 2013—jumped on Twitter and sent out this:

And while he obviously didn’t mention Thompson by name in his tweet, a subsequent response that he sent out to a fan made it pretty clear that he was referring to his fellow NBA big man:

Don’t worry, Boogie. Something tells us you’ll be just fine when your current contract expires in 2018.

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[via For The Win]