Cycle-ball isn't a household name in the world of sport, but with the skill and dexterity it takes to play the game, it probably ought to have more shine.

Quite simply, it's like football, except you're likely to immediately kill yourself if you ever tried playing it.

Traditionally known as "radball", the sport was introduced in 1893 by a German-American, Nicholas Edward Kaufmann.

The game involves 2 players per side, but games with 5 or 6 players a side can happen.

And you can only use your bike to move the ball, not your hands or feet.

Oh yeah, the fixed gear bikes don't have any brakes either.

But that doesn't stop players pulling off moves you'd be impressed with on a football pitch.

The best players in the world were the Pospíšil brothers, who were world champions 20 times between 1965 and 1988.

The Czechoslovakian duo played up until the ages of 43 and 46, beating teams of 20-year-old kids.

And the game can now be found being played right across Europe and as far away as Japan.