Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was questioned by police after getting into a roadside argument with his girlfriend Colleen Crowley back on Oct. 12, and while no charges were filed, the details that were reported were a bit disturbing.

The argument was fueled by alcohol, and Crowley reportedly told police that Manziel "hit her a couple times in the car." TMZ also posted a photo of a "friction burn" on Crowley's arm that allegedly occurred during the altercation.

All of that is less than ideal if you're the NFL team that employs Manziel, so it's probably not surprising that some within the franchise want Manziel to break up with his girlfriend to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Concern began at that point that Manziel might not be as focused and diligent both at the team's facility and in his free time, and during the past two weeks there were small signs that he was not quite as dedicated to his craft, sources said, as it became apparent that he was going to be in a backup role for the foreseeable future. Manziel flashed well in his lone start of the season, with McCown recovering from a concussion, but has not seen the field since. The fact that he was drinking at 2 p.m. on Monday, prior to the incident with his girlfriend, has been a major point of concern.

"This kid is such a competitor and he got a taste for it and made some plays and started a game and I think he thought he got the job back," said one team source. "So you had a bad feeling something might be coming and he might slip. I'm not sure he's wired to be a backup and he had really won people over, but I can't say it's a surprise that something like this happened after he ended up back on the bench." ... 

There have been concerns about the sometimes turbulent nature of that relationship within the Browns hierarchy, sources said, and some have been hoping there would be separation for quite some time. Crowley is a college student who has been living with Manziel this season. Manziel was not disciplined by the team and has remained McCown's primary backup, dressing for games as he normally would.

It would be essentially impossible for a club to demand that one of its players terminates a personal relationship, but let's hope Manziel can get himself back on track so that the conversation never takes place.

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