During the preliminary rounds of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, the United States Men's team faced off against France. The only notable player on France's team was Frederic Weis, a 7-foot-2 center who the New York Knicks drafted with the 15th pick the year prior. The Knicks wanted to replace Patrick Ewing so bad they passed on native son Ron Artest to take a center with bad knees. Artest was taken by the Chicago Bulls with the very next pick. I cried that day...but I digress.

Since they were playing on the other side of the globe, most of America caught the play the next day during SportsCenter. While picking the crust out of my eyes, I saw a man fly. Weis apparently felt the same way, telling ESPN, "I learned people can fly." Fifteen years later, Vince Carter scaling Frederic Weis is still the greatest in-game dunk in basketball's 124-year history. To celebrate such a monumental occasion, we put together a screenshot breakdown of Gary Payton's missed layup that led to Vince Carter jumping over a human.