Stephen Curry made an appearance on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show last night. And during his interview on the show, Colbert revealed that he's not happy with Curry stealing his thunder when it comes to Google searches. Apparently, Curry has become so popular that Colbert's name is getting pushed down further and further when you Google the name "Stephen." So Colbert decided to challenge Curry to a shooting competition to settle the score once and for all…

Of course, the "shooting competition" didn't involve firing up shots from behind the three-point line because, well, Colbert would have absolutely no chance of winning that. Instead, it involved both men balling up socks and shooting them into a hamper. And while Chef Curry struck first, Colbert held his own and managed to not lose to the Warriors star (and a tie is basically a win here!).

Check out the action in the clip above. This is for anyone who has pretended to be Curry while doing laundry and draining shots into the sock drawer from long distance.

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[via For The Win]