Hey, what did you do this weekend? Chances are, it was absolutely nothing like what MMA fighter Ben Fodor, b.k.a. Phoenix Jones, did.

On Friday night, Jones won a World Series of Fighting match against Roberto Yong by first-round submission:

But somehow, that wasn't the most exciting victory that he earned over the weekend. Because very early Sunday morning, Jones—who calls himself a real-life superhero and has been patrolling the streets of Seattle for years now in an effort to keep them safe—encountered a man who was pistol-whipping another man outside of a nightclub in the city. And while most people would probably run far, far away from a scene like that, Jones claims he sprung into action and knocked the guy out to prevent him from killing the victim. He also called police and waited around until they showed up to arrest the guy.

TMZ Sports reached out to the cops and, unfortunately, they haven't released the details surrounding the incident just yet. So who knows? Jones could be exaggerating what actually took place. But if he really stopped a murder from happening, this guy deserves all the keys to the city.

Check out the clip above to hear him telling police about the altercation.

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[via TMZ Sports]