There's no way Paul George will have a worse season this year than he did last year. That's the optimists view of his upcoming season. Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be how George sees it. Talking about his proposed switch of positions from small forward to power forward, George sounded less than enthused:

"Um, you know it’s, uh, I was open for – to try it out. It’s definitely a change. It’s something new. We’ll see how it goes. As the season goes, it might be better for me to just be at my regular position. But I told them I was open to the situation and (we’ll) see where it goes.”

George's trepidation about the switch seems to be fueled more entirely by his prospects on the defensive side of the ball, especially coming back from a gruesome injury that we could link to (but seeing it once is enough). The move (from the Pacers' perspective) is about generating more offense. Team president Larry Bird made a note that he wants the squad to score "six-to-eight" more points per game. Said George about Bird's comments, as well as the potential challenges on defense:

“Yeah, I believe (that’s his main concern). It’s just being outmatched strength-wise with guys at the four spot is really the only concern. It’s not really the concern for one game. It’s the concern just over the course of a season just how my body would take it, especially coming off the injury that I had and a whole year of rehabbing. Just not sure of how it’s going to take it. (We’ll) start camp, see how camp goes. Again, I’m not too thrilled on it, but it could change the more comfortable I get at the position. But we’ll see. But again, I could very much end up loving it, so it’s all up in the air. I’m open to the position.”

He may not be too thrilled about it. But you can be. Just 33 more days until opening night.

Also knock on wood on that "there's no way he can have a worse season" statement. 

[via USA TODAY Sports]

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