LeSean McCoy's disdain for his former head coach Chip Kelly is well documented. After the Philadelphia Eagles traded McCoy to the Buffalo Bills in March, McCoy admitted that his relationship with Kelly wasn't all that great and wondered aloud why he kept getting rid of all the good "black players." 

Fast forward to Sunday, when Shady McCoy's new team took on the Indianapolis Colts in their home opener. After the game was over, a 27-14 win for the Bills, McCoy had the NFL Network's Albert Breer take a photo of himself, Trent Cole and Todd Herremans, all former Eagles players, stating they were the "Chip Kelly rejects."

If the preseason is any indicator (and, to be fair, most of the time it isn't), it looks like the moves Kelly has made are going to pay off for the Eagles. Sam Bradford looks poised for a big year, barring injury, and DeMarco Murray is a more than capable replacement for McCoy. But with today's huge win over the Colts, McCoy's new squad could be hunting for the playoffs, while Cole and Herremans still get to call Andrew Luck their quarterback. Things might work out for the Chip Kelly rejects after all.

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