Now this is the part that gets the WWE lawyers upset. They referred to the rumors of Vince McMahon buying or intimidating police to look the other way as an “odious lie.”

Here’s what definitely happened: McMahon accompanied Snuka to his second, follow-up interview with detectives. At that meeting, by all accounts, Vince did most of the talking. And after that meeting, no one really continued prying into the case.

"I remember Vince McMahon being what Vince McMahon has always been—very effusive. He was very protective, a showman," said Robert Steinberg,  the assistant D.A. at the time. "He was the mouthpiece, trying to direct the conversation."

It was actually Snuka himself who raised the spectre of bribery in his autobiography: “I don’t know if he gave Nancy’s family money or anything,” he wrote. And Nancy’s sister alleges that a WWE representative called her mother, offering the family $25,000 to keep quiet. The mother, according to the sister, screamed into the phone before hanging up.