When a foul ball comes your way, through no fault of your own, you basically have three options:

1.) Freeze and get smoked.
2.) Get out of the way and look like a wuss (probably the best option).
3.) Try to catch it and risk looking like a boner.

This fan at tonight's Yankees-Red Sox game won't be the first, nor last, to go with option three. In fact, it happens every day. Unfortunately he had the same amount of chances to get it right, and blew them all. Hopefully he's got his excuses in order: The first one was the wind, the second was deflected by a last-moment hand in front of him, and the third...I don't know.

All in all not a real good night for a guy who looked to be on a date. But when you can afford seats like that at Yankee Stadium *shrugs* really, who the hell cares?

[via MLB.com]

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