Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones spent his offseason trying to pursue Ronda Rousey through the use of social media. Now, it appears as though Jones' teammate Ezekiel Elliott is stealing a page out of his playbook by trying to do the same exact thing with Taylor Swift.

T-Swift has concert dates at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio tonight and tomorrow, and the star Ohio State running back just took to Twitter to ask her out on a date. No word on whether or not the Heisman Trophy hopeful is attending the concerts, but he'd like to take Taylor out afterwards if she's down:

So far, no response from her. But Rousey got around to responding to Jones eventually, so…maybe? Stay tuned!

In the meantime, shouldn't Elliott be more focused on preparing for Northern Illinois than trying to holler at...JK JK JK. Everyone knows the Ohio State season doesn't actually start for another two months, so keep doing what you're doing, Zeke!

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[via College Spun]

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