Last college football season, the Tennessee team started playing Lil Jon's hit "Turn Down For What" during home games whenever an opposing team faced a third down. It proved to be a pretty successful tactic for them, so now EVERYONE is doing it. And that apparently includes the Western Kentucky team.

Last night, the Hilltoppers (why do I know the Western Kentucky team name off the top of my head?) squared off against Louisiana Tech and, at one point, they pulled out "Turn Down For What" to try to throw the Bulldogs off. Just one problem: Whoever is in charge of pressing play on it jumped the gun and started playing it right in the middle of a referee's penalty call.

No worries, though! Even with Lil Jon blasting in his ears, the ref continued with his call and, like a true pro, didn't skip a beat. Way to keep it together, ref.

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[via SB Nation]