Colin Cowherd is running with a new team now. After spending the last decade working for ESPN—and pissing off a lot of people in the process—he has moved over to Fox Sports 1. And it seems as though he's got a whole new look to go along with the new gig.

Late last week, Cowherd appeared on FS1 to help break down the Michigan/Utah game. And in addition to dressing up in a suit, which is a different look for him, he also unveiled what appeared to be some new hair as well as the kind of tanned skin that you don't often find in Bristol, Conn.  Today, he's on the air again and…seriously, what's going on? People can't figure it out and even his own staff is saying that he looks like he just jumped out of an episode of Leave It To Beaver.

Maybe the California weather has just been good to Cowherd—or maybe (more likely?) he's done what a lot of people in Cali do and had some work done. But either way, he's causing commotion on social media. Scroll down to see people clowning him on Twitter because of his new look—and stick around for the final tweet which features Cowherd addressing his hair.