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It's impossible to feel anything but love for Usain Bolt.

The world's fastest man is the most entertaining man in athletics and in addition to jaw-dropping feats on the track, he's making people sit up and take notice with remarkable feats in his personal life, too.

On a trip back to Jamaica, Bolt stopped by his old high school – William Knibb Memorial – and surprised staff and students with a reported donation of £838,000 ($1.3 million) and a massive amount of sporting equipment.

Bolt donated 50 pairs of football boots and shin pads for the school team.

Bolt donated football equipment for 50 students ahead of the school's national tournament later this year and he also dropped off some new gear for the school cricket team.

The 100m and 200m world record holder said:

"William Knibb played an integral role in the athlete that I am today so any time they call or anything I can do to give back, I am more than happy."

We're backing you at Rio 2016, Usain.

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