Now this not only gets an "E" for "effort," but also a "V" for "vogue."

The Kansas City Royals played the Devil Rays in Tampa Bay, and the third inning may have been the most entertaining part of the game for a play that was never officially completed. Royals designated hitter Kendrys Morales hit a fly ball deep into centerfield, which sent Ray's outfielder Kevin Kiermaier on the warning track. Before the ball hit the catwalk, Kiermaier was quick to jump high and strike a pose atop the outfield wall in attempt to rob the two-run homer.  You can check the clip of the play here:


Madonna and baseball seem like unlikely pairs. But aside from how impressively high he had to jump on top of that wall, Kiermaier may have shown Rays fans an inner talent for "voguing" that they could have never imagined.


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[via Bleacher Report]